According to Aleut folklore, when the world was young, there was only the trees, the moon, the sun, the animals, and (of course) the water,  In this emptiness, a lonely Raven walked along the water’s shorelines wishing for companions.  To the Raven’s surprise, a clam emerged from the sand and released a crowd of tiny people.  With that, the Raven sang a beautiful song of great joy, as he had brought to the world the first people.

This sense of joy over life itself continues flowing to this day.  The living waters of Alaska Crystal Glacier Waters are constantly in motion,- part of nature’s dance- forging a bond between the oxygen, energy, and the natural rhythm associated with just living life in balance.

Just as the ice is free to retreat, advance, grow, transform, expand, and flow, all people must seek balance while constantly moving forward, both day and night and somewhere in between.  The living waters of Alaska Crystal Glacier Waters are in motion and alive, energized by this movement.  The bottle’s light injects its own attributes into the water, connecting warmth to ice and light to dark.  The light creates a pause point in the world’s often busy flurry, a pause which highlights what is important- – The Water.