What diamonds are to rocks, glaciers are to water; Alaska Crystal Glacier Water is one of nature’s most carefully shielded treasures.  The glaciers serve as an ancient aqueduct, painstakingly moving its precious cargo forged from the ice flows which took tens of thousands of years to form.

Protected and shielded by the Earth’s elements, this rare and highly coveted Alkaline Water is purer than pure, harnessed at Eklutna Glacier’s own highly pristine glacial streams and lakes. Hidden deep within the ice are small water clusters known as “living clusters.”  Each droplet is infused with nature’s minerals.  This Alkaline Water is unusually oxygenated and has a distinctly elevated pH above 8.  This phenomenon derives from the layering of the ice during a time when the Earth’s oxygen count was higher and devoid of toxins and pollutants.

Melting glacial waters are meticulously harnessed from the Eklutna Lake in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, according to stringent government standards.  The Alaskan state government protects this precious resource from being over-harvested by issuing draw meters from only one closely monitored access point on the entire lake; only nine such meters are issued by the state and exclusively to local-only businesses.  We felt like we had won the lottery when we were chosen.  The sheer magnitude of the glacial volume is staggering, and is often alluded to as nature’s Enduring Harvest.  Glacial ice is the largest reservoir, natural or manmade, of freshwater on earth.

The sun literally creates the water source in abundance by forming meltwaters.  As the glaciers flow and recharge, continually renewing, these naturally occurring dense ice galleries create glacial streams.