Natural Chemistry

Ancient and pure, Crystal Glacier Water has a year round certified pH of  7.9 to 8.5; It is rich in oxygen and  a natural source of electrolytes. Crystal Glacier Water is naturally structured and produces optimal cellular hydration that satisfies and refreshes with less.

The pH factor

Water is “neutral” if its pH is 7. Below that, it is ‘acidic’. Above that, it is alkaline. With a year around pH of  7.9 to 8.5, Crystal Glacier Water is high alkaline water — rich in oxygen. High Alkaline water removes acidosis from the body, the environment in which all diseases thrive, as well as the cause of most diseases. No disease can exist in an alkaline environment. The food we eat and the liquids we drink bring our bodies’ pH out of balance, and often produce an acidic state, which encourages illness.

The Electrolyte factor

Electrolytes are what your cells (especially your nerve cells, heart cells and muscle cells) use to maintain voltage across their cell membranes and carry electrical impulses across themselves and to other cells. So we lose Electrolytes when we move, especially during exercise. They must be replaced to keep the Electrolyte concentration of your body fluids consistent or you will have less energy.

The Cluster Factor

Crystal Glacier Water is water “Clustered in 4 to 6 H2O molecules”. This is also called “Small Cluster” (living water), as opposed to “Large Cluster” (dead water), which are 10 to 15 H2O molecules. This cluster reduction helps cells absorb the water. Cells have tiny “gates” that lead into the cell…the smaller those water clusters are, the more water gets flushed through those ‘gates’ and passes through the cells. This effect promotes cellular health and slows the aging process by reducing accumulated acid wastes.

The Ionization Factor

Crystal Glacier Water’s glacier ionization is hexagonally shaped (living water / small cluster molecule) – the healthiest water to drink in the world. In fact, most of the bottled water in the marketplace is pentagonal shaped (dead water / large cluster molecule) because it is put through the method of filtration called Reverse Osmosis. Ionized water like Crystal Glacier Water has a positive polarity, and only positive polarity water can effectively flush out toxins and poisons in our bodies. Water that has gone through the Reverse Osmosis process has a negative polarity which is very ineffective at flushing out toxins and poison from our bodies. Crystal Glacier Water is sterilized through the use of two methods: Micron Filters and Ozonation. This method preserves the Eklutna Glacier water in its natural state as living water / small cluster molecule. No other water on earth provides better cellular hydration

Given that consumers of premium water are concerned about their health, Crystal Glacier is kept in its purest state. Alaska Crystal Glacier Water is untainted water derived from the Eklutna Glacier in the Matanuska Susitna Valley in Alaska. The glacier formed when oxygen levels were around 30 percent of the atmosphere, the highest ever recorded. As a result, our water is highly oxygenated. Since few bacteria and diseases can exist in these conditions, minimal filtration is used to bottle the water. In order to maintain the water’s purity, ozenation and light filtration are used during the bottling process. The water’s natural pH is 8 plus. No minerals are removed or added.